How to Multiply Client Lifetime Value from $1,500 to $36,000 (New Model Case Study)

Learn how we increased our client LTV from $1,500 to $36,000 using an unconventional method that you can implement today to quickly double your revenue without hiring.

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Spoiler alert: The process outlined below is a new alternative that is not for everyone. This is for ambitious service companies who value time more than money and want to command market leading rates and multiply their revenue by working with fewer, higher value clients. If you prefer to charge rates below the competition, play the high volume clients game and spend the majority of your time hiring, this process is not for you. 

Last updated: November 30, 2021

Matt Kohn , Founder

Predictable Growth

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Traditionally, if companies wanted to grow their revenue, they needed more clients. This seems like common sense and is the game most businesses play.

However, this model is fundamentally broken and backwards because while it might look like you’re generating more revenue, you’re not actually making more profit and behind the scenes, your operations are almost a panic-attack-inducing mess. 

With this approach, every time you grow and increase revenue, it quickly gets eaten up by more employees, resources, time, and complex, ever-changing processes. Instead of freeing you while you grow, this approach is actually enslaving you and your team.

This is precisely why a $300,000 ARR company implementing the new model can be more profitable and liberating than a $3,000,000 ARR company implementing the traditional model.

More on this later...

After years of running my design agency and continuously increasing revenue but never really achieving true time freedom , I quickly grew frustrated with the traditional model.

So I spent years attempting to discover a better way, which I am thrilled to share myself and my team have found.

I have invested hundreds of thousands dollars into my quest, learning from world class mentors who have shared the foundations of the latest version of the new model we will be sharing in this case study.

Some of these mentors include Sam Ovens at who has grown his company to millions per month in revenue with profit margins over higher than eighty percent. For real tho.

Here are some additional highlights that have been achieved through this new, alternative approach to client acquisition:

+ Our company and clients have signed 5, 6 and 7 figure deals with Fortune 50 brands using this approach.

+ Our clients (Kale Panoho and Jon Maxim of KJ Growth) were named #28 on the Inc. 500 while working with fewer clients.

+ Our client (Leo Ahmad of Explora Media) won a 2 Comma Club Award, signed Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson as a client and was able to charge $15,000+ monthly retainers as a 20 year old college dropout.

+ Our creative agency went from charing $500 per client to over $36,000 per client.

+ Our company Predictable Growth went from charging $1,500 to over $36,000 in a single year.

Again so you know we’re not BSing, let’s a look at our Stripe before and after we implemented this method:

BEFORE (Payment 1 of 1, $1,500 LTV)

AFTER ($36,000 LTV, $9,000 monthly x 4)

As you can tell this process is not theoretical. Since implementing it in my own companies, it’s since been proven by hundreds of market leading companies. 

If you’re tight on time and want to get started implementing the process immediately, click the button below.

Bonus Content: Download the New Model Offer Development & Sales Checklist with Swipe Files to Multiply Client Lifetime Value


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Or if you prefer, simply ready on to learn how you can multiply your revenue with less clients without hiring.

How to Multiply Revenue and Profit with Less Clients: The New Model Offer

While clients are essential to the growth of any digital transformation firm or marketing agency, your time is limited. If you’re like us, you know that time is infinitely more valuable than money, so you are on a mission to protect that precious time at all costs. 

However in our hustle porn addicted culture, the mob mind continues to push the obsolete, traditional model for growth: more leads, more appointments, more clients and more hiring. This is the epitome of what we call the growth hamster wheel

With this approach, your company gets stuck on a never ending growth hamster wheel that steadily eats away at your time, sanity, profit margin and soul. 

Let’s first explore why the traditional model is fundamentally broken before we breakdown the alternative… 

Lets say your company watches a few Grant Cardone videos, gets fired up to 10X growth then adds ten more clients. Wahoo! But wait, your celebrations will quickly be met with shrieks of horror. Why? Because ten new clients means you and your company need to work ten times harder. 

But if you’re like most companies, your team is already overworked and their calendars are full, so this means you need to hire. If you need to hire, this means that you and your team have to spend more time (that you don’t have) on recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training and management.

Keep in mind, all of this has to happen before your new hire is actually generating a return on your investment in them. So conservatively speaking, since it would literally be impossible to 10x your existing team’s workload you have two equally terrible options: 

You can either rush to find someone to outsource work to (like cheap freelancers or expensive agencies) and hope they are reliable and don’t mess up OR you can attempt to free up your team’s time to spend the next 3-6 months recruiting, hiring and training in-house staff and hope they don’t leave after they see beneath the surface of your company. 

Frankly, I find this model makes no sense. If your company cannot grow without increasing workload and expenses, it's time to escape the growth hamster wheel once and for all. Once you accept this reality, a third alternative comes into the scene, which we call the New Model. 

The new model is all about building a business that relies on leverage - not labor - by combining people, process and technology.

This is why $1M to $50M companies can be operated by a small core team of less than a dozen team members while maintaining 60% to 90% profit margins.

This is also why 10 person software companies can be worth billions. These companies are hyper-profitable and lean because they create massive leverage with technology and process instead of labor.

Distracting your team with work outside their zone of genius (for example, asking your long time account managers to suddenly become all-star business develop and sales executives) is one of the biggest fundamental problems of the old model that the new model eliminates.

Core to the new model philosophy is the meme above with our homeboy Drake... by focusing exclusively on doing the highest ROI work in-house and finding trusted, reliable fulfillment partners for the rest, your company is able to grow bigger and faster without increasing workload or management time.

While the new model involves several core pillars, for the purposes of this post we’re going to focus exclusively on the first pillar: your New Model Offer. 

Using the new model offer development process that we’re going to outline below, we have helped hundreds of services companies, including ourselves, multiply their revenue and profit without increasing workload or hiring.

Here’s the New Model Offer Development process in a nutshell:

  1. Define your Market of One (instead of a market of many).
  2. Create a productized, no-brainer (New Model) offer so good that everyone in your CRM would feel stupid saying no (even if it’s your first call and they’ve never spoken to you before).
  3. Promote that offer to your immediate and extended network to sell your new offer and collect invaluable market feedback.
  4. Analyze the data from your calls and iterate on your offer until you rarely have to educate prospects and are predictably signing up new clients, then use this data to develop your sales and marketing funnels.

Easy-peasy, yeah? Read on for a closer look at how to make this method work or click the button below to get the checklist with swipe files to implement this process immediately.

Bonus Content: Download the New Model Offer Development & Sales Checklist with Swipe Files to Multiply Client Lifetime Value


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Step 1: Define Your Market of One

We see this happen a lot: a business goes to market with a vague idea of what they want to do, then looks at the competition to decide what they should offer and how much they should charge. After this, they go to market and attempt to start selling their solution.

While this may seem like a decent strategy and may lead to a few sales, this approach is broken and backwards for several reasons.

First of all, conformity is never a good idea. Especially when most of your “competition” won’t exist in five years. This conformist approach instantly places your company into a market of many, where you have zero differentiators from the competition and are competing with every other mediocre company for the scraps of the market. Honestly, competition is for losers. In the words of my homie Naval Ravikant, competition is a zero sum game. 

Secondly, this approach creates unsustainable operations as every new client increases complexity which results in high churn, low profit margins and endless headaches. You can’t automate or streamline constantly changing processes.

Our approach for multiplying revenue with fewer is the opposite and is all about coming to carving out your Market of One. This is a similar concept to the ‘Blue Ocean’ positioning strategy. With this approach, instead of being a conformist copycat, you’re carving out a market where only you exist and are able to charge the top 1% rates. To ideal clients in your chosen niche, there are no other options but you.

You’ll need to take three steps to carve out your market of one (for more in-depth information about creating market leading offers, we recommend reading $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi):

First, you’ll need to find out your market’s greatest challenge. We call this the ‘buried treasure’ of your market where you try to find out what keeps your prospects up at night and then position your solution as a way to fill those gaps. This can be discovered through sales calls as well as through survey and polls. Have as many conversations as possible and get as many responses as you can from target clients and prospects, then look for common denominators to uncover the market’s greatest needs.

If you want the survey we use to capture the buried treasure of our market and implement this process immediately, click the button below.

Bonus Content: Download the New Model Offer Development & Sales Checklist with Swipe Files to Multiply Client Lifetime Value


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Next, you’ll want to choose a market, then pick a niche. The riches are in the niches, baby! Going too broad makes it impossible to become a market of one. But when you choose a market, you can narrow your focus to a small section of that market. You want to go a mile deep, not a mile wide. This is critical.

For example, if your market is e-commerce (eCommerce is NOT a niche), then your niche might be to focus on CBD retail brands making $1M-$5M in annual revenue. Now, you have a specific set of potential clients to talk to and can build services and offerings for those businesses. Such offers will resonate with your audience more because you’ve essentially created them just for those clients

When this step is executed properly, you will literally have people in your audience frequently saying that your content sounded like it was written specifically for them. Shoutout to our homie and client Dylan Pels of High Vibration Media :)

This brings us to the next step in our process...

Step 2: Create Your Productized, No Brainer Offer

Your offer will is the bread and butter of your business and our goal is to create an offer so good that you can consistently close new business within one or two phone calls. 

Creating an offer is more than just providing a service that people need. Your offer needs to be a no brainer, meaning it resonates so deeply with the ‘buried treasure’ of your niche that prospects feel attracted to you like a magnet and actually feel stupid turning your offer down. 

For B2B services companies, the ideal price point that we’ve seen work well is between $3,000 to $30,000 but this can vary quite a bit from business to business. This initial offer should then lead into a higher value, higher ticket back end offer worth anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 depending on your specific business.

Not only must your offer resonate, but it must be productized. Having a productized offer is one of the most critical elements of being able to multiply your revenue without increasing workload or hiring. Below is this concept illustrated into what we call the “offer evolution” of services companies or agencies.

Having a productized offer means that your offer and workflow is pre-defined and fixed, not custom as is the case with 99% of done for you services. Productizing your service allows every step of your process, from marketing to sales to fulfillment, to be streamlined and even automated. Without a productized offer, every new client is different and you will never be able to automate your operations. Additionally, productizing allows you to launch multiple new revenue channels from a single process by seamlessly transitioning from done for you to productized to consulting to courses to software and beyond as you can see in the graphic above. This concept of productizing alone is worthy of it’s own in-depth guide which we will cover in other content, but for now let’s focus on the offer.

The first step in developing this offer is to anchor your value. You have a lot of value to bring to the right clients. But unless you make this crystal clear, prospects will not know how valuable you are and subconsciously place you into the dreaded ‘market of many’. You need to put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and explicitly walk them through the alternative to working with you so that your true value is anchored in dollars as well as time. Also to really solidify your authority, you want to speak to the issues and challenges that may arise along the way that your client likely didn’t even think of.

If you want the worksheet we use to develop productized, no brainer offers and implement this process immediately, click the button below.

Bonus Content: Download the New Model Offer Development & Sales Checklist with Swipe Files to Multiply Client Lifetime Value


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For example, if you’re an ad agency that builds funnels and manages ad campaigns, ask yourself what the alternative would be for your prospect if they don’t hire you. 

It’s important to be as detailed as possible with this process, for both their time and their money. If you’re offering funnel creation as well as ad management, it’s likely that your prospect would have to hire at least three or four full-time people to replicate your team’s work.

In this case, if your client were to hire these people in-house, each person would require at the very least six months to recruit, hire and onboard plus a monthly salary of at least $4,000 to $10,000 if you’re hiring in the US, depending on how senior they are. So in total, your client would have to spend at least $48,000 per year and at least six months per hire. This doesn’t even include the time spent on mishiring or on the benefits most employees now expect along with their salary. So in order to build a team of at least three, this would at the very least take over a year and cost well over $144,000 ($48,000 x 3) on the low end. This is how you anchor and communicate your value. If you charge a fraction of that cost, then your offer is already well on its way to being a no brainer.

The next step is to develop your core offer which is composed of the core components that make up your offer. Your objective is to build out these offer components and assign them a retail value by thinking what it would cost your client, either in terms of money or time, to attempt to replicate your offer. 

For example, one of the components of our no-brainer offer is a fractional CMO, a dedicated growth strategist, and a full-service marketing team. This is just one of five core components and the retail value for this component alone is over $250,000 per year. Some of the other core offer components are dedicated sales copywriting, business development, and appointment setting teams. All in, the retail value of our offer is several million dollars which is why even at a six figure price point, our offer is still a no brainer for our niche.

After you develop your core offer, the final step is to incorporate bonuses, scarcity, and urgency. Very few companies do this, and many of those that do come across as scammy. But there’s an art to executing this, and it’s important to master because it adds even more value to your core offers and will skyrocket your conversion rates across the board. Let’s dive in to how to implement bonuses, scarcity and urgency to skyrocket your sales conversions.

Bonuses should not be random but rather they should solve any other problems your clients experience while they work with you. For example, if we do a good job for our agency clients, we’re going to be booking lots of appointments for them. This means they need a very tightly defined sales process to maximize their ROI. Our bonuses include done-for-you sales scripts, coaching on the sales process, and follow-up templates, to name a few. Go through each of your clients’ potential problems as they work with you, then prescribe bonuses for each of those issues. 

Scarcity is essential for markets of one. If you really want to be the best at what you do and serve clients to the best of your ability, you need to set constraints and capacity limits. This prevents you from being stretched too thin and allows you to truly deliver world class results to your clients. 

Ideally, you want your capacity to always be less than the market demand for your offer so you sell out your offer almost every time you launch. Also, psychologically, having a waitlist makes clients want to work with you even more.

After you define the scarcity, you want to add urgency to your offer. Set a deadline or future price increases to get people over the line. I am a big believer that every company should consistently be increasing their prices, especially if you’re investing in education and training to level up your skills.

The last piece of your offer is a no-brainer guarantee. There’s an art to this, too. By offering a guarantee, you are putting your money where your mouth is and instantly separating yourself from the competition and the other alternatives. It shows the client you are incredibly confident as well as extremely committed to their success by sharing the risk involved.

Just ask yourself, what do you think is more of a no brainer for your client? Spending years building a team of employees who come without skin in the game or a performance guarantee, or working with a team of dedicated experts from a company like yours who guarantee their results?

One more thing that I really want to emphasize is that if you’re offering a done-for-you service that involves hiring and paying people, avoid guarantees with a refund at all costs or you can put yourself in a potentially business-ending situation, especially if you’re relatively new to the game. There is nothing worse than hiring a team of people, not getting the results you promised, then being on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in refunds! No bueno.

For services, we prefer conditional guarantees tied to the desired outcome: If you do X and don’t get Y outcome, we will do Z until you reach the outcome. For our New Model Accelerator partners, this is our guarantee: We guarantee that you will achieve an ROI within 120 days or we will pause your subscription and work for free until you do.

Mic drop. 

Step 3: Promote and Sell Your New Model Offer

With a well-thought-out offer in hand, it’s time to promote it. Send it to your network of current clients, past clients, prospects that never closed, and anyone else in your network. Share it on social media, groups, forums—anywhere you have a potential audience that needs what you can provide. 

You will know your new model offer is dialed in when you consistently are able to close new business in a single phone call from a single sales process, even if the prospects have never heard of you before! If you believe life is too short for endless follow up and custom proposals, the new model offer is your best friend. Shoutout to our awesome client Francesca Nicasio of Credible Copywriting.

If you want the swipe copy we use to promote offers to our network and book sales calls within minutes, click the button below.

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In all your content and messaging, focus on highlighting how your offer addresses the ‘buried treasure’ and the desired outcomes that you have discovered in the previous steps in order to resonate deeply with prospects and get them excited to speak with you.

As you generate interest and get signups, use your clients’ feedback to continue refining your offer. Share testimonials from clients who took advantage of your offer and made it work for themselves. With each iteration, you can expand your value and charge accordingly.

Additionally, since your offer is now productized, you can finally create a consistent sales process that doesn’t change from call to call. This will allow you and your sales team to predictably close more business faster (many inbound prospects will begin to close in a single call and outbound prospects within two calls) also more effectively onboard and ramp up new hires.

Implementing the New Model for Client Acquisition

When you can successfully establish your company as a Market of One, the sky is truly the limit. As with anything, it takes time and iteration, but once this is done, you are no longer forced to say yes to anyone willing to pay, but can instead only work with perfect fit clients and partners, allowing you to multiply the value of each new client.

If you are ready to implement this process immediately, click the button below for a checklist and swipe file to double your revenue with less clients...

Bonus Content: Download the New Model Offer Development Checklist & Swipe File to Multiply Client Lifetime Value


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At the end of the day, there’s really only three things that your company should be focusing on to implement the New Model Offer:

  1. Developing and/or optimizing your offer.
  2. Scheduling sales calls and having honest conversations.
  3. Closing new business with perfect fit clients.

To wrap things up, just know that if you apply even just one of the steps outlined above, you are lightyears ahead of the conformist copycat competition. Simply by committing to serve a specific niche the best, you are on your way to becoming a true Market of One. After fully implementing all of the steps above, you are well on your way to conquering your niche and multiplying your revenue with fewer clients. 

After implementing everything fully, you will know your New Model Offer is dialed in and ready to scale when... 

  1. Your pipeline is steadily growing with qualified prospects from a variety of traffic sources.
  2. Sales conversion rates are increasing while sales cycles are between one to two calls.
  3. Your fulfillment process is consistently producing case studies while your team works less.
  4. Your revenue, profit and peace are steadily increasing while churn rate is decreasing.

If you’ve read this far and are looking for more support implementing the New Model Offer process we’ve outlined above, here’s a few ways we can support:

Here’s to your company’s predictable and peaceful growth!

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